Frequently Asked Questions about Fest of Anarchy:

Q: Can tickets be purchased at the door?

A: Yes as long as tickets are available.

Q: What are show hours:

A: July 14, 2018 11:00AM-6:00PM.  The celebrity signing schedule will be posted as the event gets closer.

Q: Are there events all weekend long?

A: No. This is a one day only event.

Q: Are celebrities going to be there and signing autographs?

A: Yes, the celebrities will be in attendance and signing at our convention and this is the chance to meet them in person. Your paid general admission will get you into the show to see all the events, live music, vendor tables and “Sons of Anarchy” cast panel. However, there will be a charge for each autograph and any pictures taken.

Q: What is the cost per autograph for a celebrity?

A: The cost for autographs/table pics/group posed photos and VIP packages are listed on the Tickets page of the site.

Q: Can I have my picture taken with the Celebrity?

A: Of course, celebrities will take pictures at their table but it does incur a cost.

Q: Will celebrities sign memorabilia or outside items?

A: Yes. FOA will provide 8x10s that can be signed with your autograph ticket or you can provide any outside items for signature. Please keep in mind there is a charge for each item to be signed.